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Clean Marina Level 4 & ISO 14001 Certified

Soldiers Point Marina has after a long accreditation process been recognised for achieving the world standard for environmental management systems. Called Level 4 ISO 14001 Clean Marinas, Clean Marinas build on levels 1 – 3 within the Clean Marinas program. The program was established in 2002 by the Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA) with the objective of protecting the nation's coastal and in-land waterways.

Level 3 Clean Marinas are independently audited using 143 point criteria that assesses environmental facilities, practices and procedures. Currently there are 46 marinas at this level with many more marinas coming though the program. By building level 4 into the Clean Marinas program MIAA is demonstrating industry's capacity for environmental leadership. It is keeping ahead of community expectations and government regulation. Level 4 ISO Clean Marinas are audited annually and subject to a rigorous assessment of environmental management processes and practices.

"This is another huge honour for us as there are only 3 other marinas in Australia with this accreditation and they are all in South Australia" said Marina Manager Mr Darrell Barnett CMM. "ISO 14001 is implemented by some 200,000 organisations in 161 countries, and we are proud to be one of them" he said.

What Accredited Certification to ISO 14001 means for Soldiers Point Marina

The accredited certification process is expected to ensure that Soldiers Point Marina has an environmental management system, suitable for the nature of its activities, products and services, that conforms to the requirements of ISO 14001, and in particular can demonstrate for the defined scope that Soldiers Point Marina:

  • has defined an environmental policy appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities, products and services
  • has identified the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services that it can control and /or influence and determined those that can have a significant environmental impact (including those related to suppliers / contractors).
  • has procedures in place to identify applicable environmental legislation and other relevant requirements, to determine how these apply to its environmental aspects and to keep this information up to date.
  • has implemented effective controls in order to meet its commitment to comply with applicable legal and other requirements.
  • has defined environmental objectives and targets that are measurable, where practicable, taking into account legal requirements and significant environmental aspects, and has programs in place to achieve these objectives and targets
  • ensures that people working for or on behalf of the organization are aware of the requirements of its environmental management system and are competent to perform tasks that have the potential to cause significant environmental impacts
  • has implemented procedures for communicating internally, as well as responding to and communicating (as necessary) with interested external parties
  • ensures that those operations associated with significant environmental aspects are carried out under specified conditions and monitors and controls the key characteristics of its operations that can have a significant environmental impact
  • has established and (where practicable) tested procedures to address and respond to emergencies that can have an effect on the environment
  • periodically evaluates its compliance with applicable legal and other requirements
  • aims to prevent nonconformities, and has procedures in place to
    • correct any non conformities that do occur
    • analyze the cause of any such nonconformities and take corrective action to avoid their recurrence
  • has implemented effective internal audit and management review procedures

There are four steps to becoming a Clean Marina

Level 1 - The Clean Marina Pledge
A public commitment to improve

Level 2 - The Clean Marina Self Assessment
Self assessment through the Clean Marina Program checklists and the achievement of basic environmental management systems

Level 3 - Accreditation
Clean Marina - Independent Assessment
Assessment by a trained and qualified Clean Marina Consultant, conducted every three years. Level 3 status acknowledges the achievement of rigorous environmental management systems

Level 4 - Accreditation, (ISO 14001)
Clean Marina - Specialist Assessment
To assist those marinas wishing to bring their environmental management in to line with the International Standard 14001 (ISO 14001).

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We would like to thank you for the excellent service during our stay in your marina. We are a family from Belgium circumnavigating the world and can honestly say that Soldiers Point Marina is one of the friendliest, cleanest and most enjoyable marinas we have visited so far. You all made us feel at home.

Verhaeghe Family, Belgium