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Fish Friendly

Welcome to our fish friendly marina

Clean waterways with healthy fish populations are good news for marinas and the boating industry. Around 70% of boats are used for recreational fishing, so ensuring we have clean water and plenty of fish will contribute to the ongoing appeal of boating and fishing.

As a fish friendly marina, we provide a range of services to our boating and fishing customers in ways that minimise impacts on fish and fish habitat.

Being fish friendly means that you might see some things done slightly differently from other marinas.

Small changes can make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of our local fish.

We welcome your support and participation.

If you’d like to know more, ask us!

What makes us fish friendly?

  • When we build or modify our infrastructure we make sure it is fish friendly.
  • We support fish habitat rehabilitation works in and around the marina.
  • We help prevent the spread of pests by providing facilities for you to maintain clean hulls and internal plumbing.
  • We reduce run off by using first‐flush systems and areas such as lawns and gardens that slow rain water down and help it soak into the soil.
  • We use non‐toxic strippers, cleaners or degreasers and encourage boat owners to do the same.
  • We aim to prevent spills and manage any that do occur by ensuring hard areas are bunded and fitted with catch drains.
  • Our moorings and facilities are designed to minimise the impacts on seagrass beds and other sensitive areas.
  • We provide information about sustainable fishing and how to look after local fish species and habitats.

How you can help

  • Use our pump out and wash‐down facilities
  • Take care when refuelling and use the kits if there is a spill
  • Use the facilities provided to dispose of fish waste
  • Please don’t let your children or visitors feed the birds or fish
  • Tell us if you see a plant or fish you haven’t seen before that could be a pest
  • Avoid damaging seagrass beds around the marina
  • Lend a hand with local fish habitat rehabilitation projects
  • Let us know if there’s something more you think we can do to be more fish friendly!

Further information

Download the 10 Tips for a fish friendly marina booklet (PDF)

Soldiers Point Marina Now a Fish Friendly Marina (18 May 2013)

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A Marina for boaties that's an 'experience' not just a destination.

Soldiers Point Marina, Port Stephens was a destination much talked about and recommended by other sailing friends. It surpassed expectations. The berths are suited to the prevailing winds and generous in size so docking doesn't even require the assistance you'll get. Jetties are decorated with hanging flower baskets and interesting sculptures and are in themselves a tourist attraction. Once here, there is no need to leave although if you need to re-provision or sight-see you can do it in the courtesy cars - one is a Lexus. Coffee and papers are delivered in the morning and cocktails in the afternoon. There is a lot of theatre surrounding the delivery too.We happened to be there for Valentines Day so a rose was delivered to all the ladies. 

The bathroom suites gleam and are floor to ceiling marble, rivalling anything you'd find at the Sheraton. There is no detail that the owner hasn't thought of to make your stay the most relaxing and enjoyable possible. You'll find all the usual Marina facilities plus extras and it's all top notch. 3 types of award winning dining are available in the complex too, from waters edge coffee lounge through to a la carte. Light meals can even be delivered to your boat.

And if all of this doesn't persuade you that it's worth a visit in a beautiful physical location, their best asset is the staff who couldn't do more to help you have a fabulous, fabulous time. 

We stayed a week.
Still grinning!

Source: Trip Advisor